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Employee Speak

When I joined WinSys, during the induction, I saw hard work, dedication, passion and commitment very often. Now I am seeing it everywhere with the leaders, people and processes at all levels. I am proud to be the very first employee of WinSys. Come onboard with us to experience the difference from the crowd.
Senior Executive HR & Talent Acquisition.



RJ WinSys Technologies Pvt Ltd.




Winning Idea – WinSys Idea

First of all, we focus on what we’re really good at—building an ecommerce engine that is second to none. After the development, the rock-solid, high-performing, reliable, scalable, robust, and secure WinSys COPS ecommerce engine is at the heart of our solutions. It contains the complete, superior feature set you would expect from an established ecommerce platform. It is built on a best-in-class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) technical architecture that reduces IT costs from the first day it is implemented. And it includes the rich online shopping features based on web 2.0 technologies that your customers are expecting right now.

WinSys – COPS
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COPS shall have the features below:

  • Customized website designs
  • Shopping carts
  • Data collection
  • Built-to-order and Built-to-stock
  • Direct marketing overprinting
  • Support for bar coding and RFID
  • Online reporting
  • Ability to manage inventory at multiple locations and to distribute the processes to various people, across different organizations
  • Web-based warehousing
  • Distributed inventory control
  • Inventory collaboration
  • Shipment tracking

WinSys’s COPS – Online Order Processing Solution™ allows you to offer various discount options to your buyers / visitors. Through our user-friendly ecommerce solution, you can offer quantity discounts schemes and can also provide site wide discounts over a fixed or variable period of time.

WinSys’s COPS solution has a robust order processing system that provides features like Order entry & capture mechanism, comprehensive order tracking options, automatic order data storage, printer friendly order information display and much more! 

Offer Quantity Discounts and Discount Codes
WinSys’s COPS allows you to set quantity discounts to avail benefits to the customers who are doing bulk buying. You can also send discount codes to your special list of customers based on your store sales policy.

Special Discount Schemes through Discount Cookies
WinSys’s COPS helps you offer your customers special discount schemes for special offers on various occasions using the discount cookies. The discount cookies can be added to the URL as part of the query string to let your targeted customers avail these special discounts.

Site wide Discounts for specific Time Periods
Our shopping cart system will enable you to offer Site Wide Discounts using the site wide discount feature. It enables you to apply a discount Code for all the products available in the store for a specific time period. This is like putting up the Christmas Sale on your site for all the products.

Manage Orders through Eight Different Order Status
With WinSys’s COPS, as an administrator of your eStore, you have the exposure to eight different order statuses as New, In Process, Shipped, Partially Shipped, Cancelled, Returned, On hold, to manage your orders in a systematic and timely manner.

Search Order Options with Ten Different Parameters
WinSys’s COPS facilitates you on the admin panel with an option to search the order and review its status through t10 different parameters as order status, order number, tracking number, email id, start date, end date, discount code, etc. This allows you to track the orders as well as mange them efficiently by keeping you in touch with the current status of the orders under consideration.

All orders get directly stored in the database
Whenever a customer places an order on your online storefront, the order information is automatically stored in the database by WinSys’s COPS.

Printer Friendly Order database display
The order details can be printed through the printer-friendly version, thus making a hard copy available for reference purposes.

Personalize Order Confirmation Emails
WinSys’s COPS allows you to personalize the content of each email you send to your customer as you confirm their placed orders.

WinSys’s COPS shopping cart empowers you with more than one way to provide discounts to your loyal customers. Moreover it gives you the power to restrict your discount to specific sections of your customer base that is special for your business.

The smooth and scalable order processing system from WinSys’s COPS shopping cart helps you to manage customer orders with least efforts and gives you enough freedom to concentrate on other functions of your business.

WinSys’s COPS payment processing capabilities can be trimmed as per your requirements. Read further to know the Payment Processing features in WinSys’s COPS.