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RJ WinSys Technologies Pvt Ltd.



Customer Support

Increasingly companies are looking at their customer support organization as a source of competitive advantage. Providing consistent world-class service is a challenge. With the advent of the Internet, customers expect such service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  RJ WinSys Customer Support Solution provides the solution to step up to the expectations and address customer support challenges. Write to our Help Desk Support at

RJ WinSys’s Helpdesk Support Team helps manage customer support tickets from submission to resolution. Create tickets and assign them to support reps automatically.

Define the support process you follow. Dynamically generate action buttons that guide customer support reps through the defined process. Know where every ticket stands in the resolution process and ensure no ticket slips through the cracks.

Access account and contact information related to the ticket. Send an electronic survey to measure customer satisfaction, when a ticket is closed. Generate reports to measure CSR productivity and customer satisfaction. Write to our Help Desk Support at

RJ WinSys Support Analytics

Get timely, fact-based insight into the entire support process.

RJ WinSys (WOODS & HDSM based models) dashboards offer instant snapshots of support key performance indicators (KPIs) including Productivity, Support Response Time, Customer Survey Results, etc.

Create reports easily without any technical know-how. With RJ WinSys, business users can create custom tabular, detailed, trend, distribution or matrix reports.

You can create reports instantly using report designers that walk you through the required steps. Write to our Help Desk Support at