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WinSys - ERP PoC

We have Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) Solutions for a quick Configuration of the Solution in ERP Applications as a Working Prototype to make understand, realize and appreciate the proposed functionality and technicality of the Solution.
ERP Architect, RJ WinSys Team.



RJ WinSys Technologies Pvt Ltd.



Implementation - Solution

Business houses always find great difficulty in quickly making out the required information because of the voluminous data, improper segregation, departmental arrangements and unprecedented delays. Organizations were constantly searching for some means or mode to overcome this debacle.

The inconvenience was not only pinching on monetary profits but also antagonized customers who were made to wait for a long time for a small piece of data. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it is shortly referred has come to overcome this menace. It is a boon to organizations that were in need of this kind of facility for ever.

WinSys’s  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) team, being part of Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG), attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single system that can serve all those different departments' particular business needs. This integrated approach helps various departments to easily share information and communicate with each other, of course with an Org Wide Dash Board, at the department level and one at the CEO level.

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