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Salute to Steve Jobs..!

Steve Jobs showed the world that truly valuable innovation starts first with a belief, which frames a perspective, which inspires an idea, which eventually becomes a tangible reality.



RJ WinSys Technologies Pvt Ltd.




RJ WinSys Technologies P Ltd is a broad based Software Consulting, Development and Support Services firm striving  to add tangible value to the business of its clients through differentiated solutions and high quality execution.

WinSys is believing in innovation in Organization-wide Processes, Practices, Products and People work.

A convenient definition of innovation from an organizational perspective is given by Luecke and Katz (2003), who wrote:

"Innovation . . . is generally understood as the successful introduction of a new thing or method . . . Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services.

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Innovation a change in the thought process for doing something or "new stuff that is made useful". It may refer to an incremental emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. A key challenge in innovation is maintaining a balance between process and product innovations where process innovations tend to involve a business model which may develop shareholder satisfaction through improved efficiencies while product innovations develop customer support however at the risk of costly R&D that can erode shareholder return.

WinSys Innovation Process Model

WinSys’s NPD (New Product Development) team of architects and engineers have been continuously working on new product ideas, concepts, prototypes and models, carefully studying the market fluctuations, user needs and kind of new products getting launched in the market across various verticals.

WinSys Innovation Process (WIP) is as follows:

Once innovation occurs, innovations may be spread from the innovator to other individuals and groups. This process has been proposed that the life cycle of innovations can be described using the 's-curve' or diffusion curve. The s-curve maps growth of revenue or productivity against time. In the early stage of a particular innovation, growth is relatively slow as the new product establishes itself. At some point customers begin to demand and the product growth increases more rapidly. New incremental innovations or changes to the product allow growth to continue. Towards the end of its life cycle growth slows and may even begin to decline. In the later stages, no amount of new investment in that product will yield a normal rate of return.

The s-curve derives from an assumption that new products are likely to have "product Life". i.e. a start-up phase, a rapid increase in revenue and eventual decline. In fact the great majority of innovations never get off the bottom of the curve, and never produce normal returns.

Focus of WinSys Innovation for Improvement (WiFi)

WinSys’s Innovation team is mainly focusing on the vertical elements below and in fact, the New Product Development (NPD) plan is revolving around these elements.

  • Education Intelligence
  • Healthcare Intelligence
  • MobilePayment Intelligence
  • Transport Intelligence
  • Corporate Business Intelligence