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Resource Library

WinSys Resource Library contains archived information of very critical employee related forms, templates, methodologies, process documents, guidelines, how-to-use documents, Technical know-how documents, Troubleshooting guides etc.,.
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WinSys Resource Library (WRL)

WinSys Resource Library (WRL)

The single greatest challenge facing managers in the developed countries of the word is to raise the productivity of knowledge and service works - Peter F. Drucker.

Knowledge is Wealth, today.

We, at WinSys, have been compiling various deliverable templates, being used across various projects, into one centralized library, for the benefit of our consultants / engineers working at client site, can easily access them all at once and submit the right deliverable in the right template to our clients.

Public users may also download the documentation from WinSys Resource Library (WRL), by providing right credentials before downloading.

Global Support
Global Roll Out


Test Scenarios
Test Results


Strategic Planning and Kick-off  Process
Business Requirements Document
Delta Analysis
Module Configuration Document
Conference Room Pilots Document
Technical Design Document
Customization Development – Forms Design
Customization Development – Reports Design
Customization Development – Interfaces Design
Customization Development – Work Flow Design
Customization Development – EDI Design
Testing Plan
Testing Business Scenarios
Testing Results
System Integration Testing (SIT)
User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Production Cut-Over Planning
Go live
Initial Production Support
KT / RT / OT – Documents
Transition Phase Documents

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